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Scottsdale Lawyers, Irv Hymson, David Goldstein, Eddie Pantiliat, John Lohr and the entire staff of Hymson Goldstein & Pantiliat believe Our Business is Your Peace of Mind®.

Our goal is to be your trusted family and business advisor. All of our lawyers work very hard to provide our clients with friendly, responsive and exceptional legal advice. When you need it most, we will be there to represent you, your family and your business. Each lawyer in our firm has a mission to do the best for their clients. We are experienced attorneys, mediators and counselors.

When you retain our law firm, you work directly with the attorney on your case. Our attorneys provide counsel in representing of a wide variety of legal areas. Our cumulative hundreds of years of experience offer our clients a wealth of creative and effective representation adding value to our clients’ “bottom line.”

Our Scottsdale law firm is now providing legal advice and services to a second generation of clients, the children of our first clients who are still our clients. The members of our law firm are working diligently to restore the image of the lawyer as someone you can trust. Our members believe that being a lawyer means using their talent, experience and skill with a dedication to exceed our client’s needs.

A name you can trust. Hymson Goldstein & Pantiliat, PLLC.


“You can bet that I will refer any of my friends (to you) who express an interest (in) finding a capable law firm. This entire issue was very difficult for me and my wife…Thanks again for the help I received from both you and your capable and professional staff.” To attorney John Lohr from Michael H.


“Thank you for your time and your advice. It was my pleasure to meet you and to… discuss my situation in a calm, non-intimidating fashion. You managed to put me at ease, explaining concepts in terms that I could easily understand. This has seldom been my experience with attorneys, and I am grateful. I find you to be a fine exception to the rule, and a credit to your profession!” To attorney Eddie Pantiliat from Pat K.


“Thanks for your response and all of your incredible efforts…I just wanted to let you know what a great job you are doing! You are a rare breed, as an attorney and as a person. (You) are definitely one of the good guys.” To attorney David Goldstein from Terry K.


“John you are truly the best. You made both my husband and myself regain trust in attorneys. My husband noticed your Batman belt buckle immediately the day we met you. You got to work immediately…In no time you called me with the best and most unbelievable news anyone in my mother’s situation could be in. So no we don't call you the attorney/lawyer nor Mr. Lohr…as corny as it may sound we call you ‘Batman.’ Thank you!” To attorney John Lohr from Yolanda M.


“There is a sense about you. I don’t think our working together was happenstance. I feel blessed. You are a kind, genuine, and impactful person, Irving. Thank you for impacting my life.” To attorney Irving Hymson from Ann G.

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