Assessor Letter

Attention Homeowners!! Just a reminder that April 21 is the deadline to appeal the Maricopa County Assessor’s assignment of property value to your home for 2016 directly to the Assessor.

This year we have seen a rise in the Assessor’s overvaluations of our clients’ property resulting in increased property taxes on their homes.

There are two principal ways you can show that the Assessor overvalued the property for tax purposes: the market approach and the cost approach. Under the market approach, you must show a smaller full cash value of at least one comparable property in the same geographic area, or the sale of a comparable property that supports a lower value than the Assessor’s overvaluation. The comparable approach can be done by having a realtor pull comparable sales in your neighborhood from the MLS, or obtaining an appraisal or broker price opinion from a realtor/broker. Under the cost approach, you must show the cost to build or rebuild the property plus the land value supports that lower value. If you believe your home is overvalued for property tax purposes now is the time to act. We charge a flat fee of only $500 to handle the appeal to the Assessor.

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