Be Prepared For The Holidays

The holidays are a difficult time for couples and families in the midst of divorce or other litigation.   Many people will benefit from talking to a trained professional about the emotional chaos and fears created by such conflicts.  A counselor and/or attorney can offer you an objective perspective and can provide a sounding board for your questions or concerns.  A counselor can also provide you with good coping skills.  While you may spend money on these professionals in the short run, they help you save money and will help save your sanity, in the long run.

There are many varieties of counselors, psychologists and attorneys with expertise working with divorcing adults and children of divorce.  A professional may help you get your life back on track faster, rather than ignoring the stress and letting it overwhelm you. While financial fears can be paralyzing, an attorney may be able to quickly and cost effectively navigate your way through the divorce maze.

Those with children often do not realize the stress and struggle those children endure.  The children are often the smallest victims that get lost in the shuffle of the process.  Providing children with a neutral third party such as a counselor to talk with can create stability for them.

As attorneys who focus our practice on family law issues, we can have access to a myriad of resources, including, counselors, psychologists, financial advisors, and other experts to help you move through the process.  Being educated often helps people feel empowered.

Be careful of using friends and family as a substitute for a professional.  They may have biased advice based on their relationships with the family and their own experiences.  Turn to them for emotional support, not to obtain legal advice.  Only a trained professional can provide sound and competent advice to you.

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