Boy Scouts or Mini Cops?

When a petty criminal is about to commit a crime, he may look around to see if anyone is watching – especially checking to see if there are any police officers in the area. After an incident last week in Key West, Florida, criminals everywhere should be sure to steer clear of boy scouts as well.

According to news sources, a man had his wallet and iPhone stolen and chased after the perpetrator while yelling for assistance. The victim happened to pass a scout troop on vacation from New Jersey.  With a “Let’s go,” from one of the scoutmasters, 17 boy scouts on bicycles, followed the man from a distance. They eventually recovered the wallet and the iPhone, and called the local police for “back-up.”

The police took Jason Norwood, 38, into custody, and he may be charged with grand theft and larceny.  While Norwood claims that he was not involved in the theft incident, there is a whole troop of witnesses that feel otherwise. Tim Spring, one of the troop leaders, was quoted by the Times of Trenton saying that, “The cops came and told the guy, ‘Well you’re going to have a difficult time in court because the judge is going to ask you what you did and then he’s going to ask 17 boy scouts, and who do you think he is going to believe?’”

Norwood is going to need a really good lawyer.

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