Scottsdale and Phoenix Business Law Attorneys

Business Law , also called Commercial Law, encompasses a wide range of legal services. A type of civil law, business law governs businesses whether conducted as a proprietorship, corporation or limited liability company.

This area of law requires knowledge of several legal disciplines including state and federal laws governing entity formation, taxes, employment, real estate, intellectual property, bankruptcy, and business operations.  Business law attorneys often specialize in transactional work including contracts and commercial transactions for the purpose of helping clients avoid future litigation, should a dispute arise, commercial litigators will guide clients through the court system.

The United States was built on entrepreneurship and so was our firm. We represent business interests of all sizes and shapes including: individuals, corporations, limited liability or closely held companies, partnerships, nonprofit organizations, and professional practice groups. We work in many different industries, so we understand some of the unique challenges of your particular needs. Our clients include individuals and businesses throughout the United States, and in Mexico, Canada, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Central and South America.

We can help and advise you regarding:

  • Forming or buying a business
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations
  • Sale of your business in part or whole
  • Financing your business growth with debt, equity, or innovative alternatives
  • Succession planning for closely held companies
  • Business compliance and regulatory issues
  • Contracts and commercial transactions of all kinds
  • Structuring marketing and distribution arrangements and agreements
  • Negotiating your best deal

At Hymson Goldstein Pantiliat & Lohr, PLLC, our attorneys have expertise serving your specific business interests whether you are a small business owner, large publically-held corporation, or something in between. Our commercial and business practice offers formation, acquisition, merger, reorganization, and sales services, legal advice about financing, contracts and commercial transactions, and business and regulatory compliance, while our commercial litigators combine trial and business expertise to represent your interests in court.

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