Campaign Contributions in Arizona

As Celebrity Apprentice winds down its final task, Clay Aiken’s and Arsenio Hall’s teams are on the phones in this week’s episode soliciting donations from everyone they know with a checkbook.  The star that brings in the most money is at a clear advantage to win the title of “Celebrity Apprentice” on the final episode.  One may liken the contest to America’s current political scene. Conjectures as to the outcome of an election have often been based on who has raised the most money. Of course candidates that are able to afford a large amount of advertising may have the best ability to impact the way voters will cast their ballots.

However, unlike Aiken and Hall, candidates running for office, can’t just take money from anyone, and while people may have big check books, the law limits how much money they can contribute to political campaigns. With the exception of a donation to a political action committee, (PAC), a limited liability company or a corporation is forbidden to contribute funds in order to influence a political election in any way. An individual is permitted to contribute, but the amount is limited by the law.

Each state has different laws regarding individual contributions. In fact, Federal campaigns have different guidelines as well. So how much can be contributed to a campaign in Arizona? According to the Secretary of State, Ken Bennett’s website, an individual can contribute $872 to a statewide campaign, $430 to a local campaign, and $424 to a non-statewide legislative campaign.  In total, the most an individual can contribute to a candidate and/or committees who give to candidates is $6,100 per calendar year.

Find out more information about Arizona’s elections, by clicking here, to visit the Secretary of State’s website.

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