Divorce & Family Law Topics

Divorce and the IRS

Spousal maintenance (often referred to as alimony) is a payment, generally monthly, from one divorced spouse to the other. For a Maricopa County court to award spousal maintenance, divorcing spouses must be married for at least 3-4 years and there must be a meaningful disparity in income or potential income.

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“Custody” to “Legal Decision-Making”

The legislature believed that the public did not understand what the word “custody” meant. Many confuse “custody” with “parenting time”. “Parenting time” refers to the actual time a parent spends with children, and it is the focus for most parents. “Custody” refers to legal decision making for the children related to medical, educational and to some extent, religious decisions. The legislature thought that changing “custody” to “legal decision making” would clarify the term for the public.

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Child Custody and Parenting Time

I have received many phone calls over the past few months from clients, friends and colleagues about child custody and parenting time issues. As I explained to them, while parents are married, they both have the right to custody of their children. There can be no court order regarding legal custody and/or parenting time until a dissolution, paternity, or custody action is filed with the Court.

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Family Law

These days, family members, including step-parents and extended family members play a large role in raising our children. If families are broken up as a result of a divorce, the children are often left in a position of losing their relationship with the newly bonded family. In Arizona, people who have acted in a parental role to a child, whether or not they are biologically related to the child, may under certain circumstances petition for and be granted custody and/or visitation with the child, under a legal theory known as the role of “in loco parentis.”

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White House Crashers Divorce

They may not be your average celebrities, but the Salahi’s have gone from party crashers to divorced.

Tareq and Michaele Salahi made headlines back in 2009 when they crashed a White House state dinner party and now they’re back in the news due to their impending divorce.

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Strange Divorce – Give Me Back My Kidney

Anyone who has ever watched divorce court can say that people choose to get divorced for so many different reasons. Sometimes these reasons are far from the usual explanations.

So what happens to couples who decide to cut “til death do us part” short? Apparently they want their gifts back.

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