Duel in the Desert

Although Arizona is the youngest of the continental United States, it boasts some of the oldest traditions. Rivals Arizona State University and University of Arizona have battled for dominance long before Arizona obtained its Statehood on February 14, 1912. Known by sports fans to be “The Duel in the Desert,” the universities battle annually for the oldest trophy in college football, the Territorial Cup, which was first awarded in 1899. Yet fans are about to learn that there is a new rivalry brewing in Arizona.

CWUR. The Center for World University Rankings, based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, measures and ranks the quality of student education and training, the prestige of faculty, and quality of research for universities globally. It is the only ranking system that uses objective quantitative indicators rather than subjective surveys and university data. CWUR uses these 7 indicators to rank universities around the world:

  1. Faculty quality using amount of international awards earned
  2. Quantity of published research
  3. Quality of published research measured by appearance in highly influential journals
  4. Quantity of publications cited by others
  5. Number of international patent filings
  6. Number of Alumni employed as CEO’s of top 2,000 public companies
  7. Quality using number of alumni winning major international awards, prizes and medals.

Championships.  In a league of more than 16,000 universities worldwide, both ASU and UA ranked in the top 100 universities in the world.  Based on data about its publications, patents, faculty, education, citations, influence and employment, Arizona State ranked 73rd overall, a rise of 6 slots over last year. Though University of Arizona squashed ASU in the 2012 rankings, this year it landed at 78th overall, giving ASU back the trophy. Fifty-seven U.S. universities earned slots in the top 100 universities in the world. Among U.S. universities, ASU ranked 46th while UA ranked 49th.

The “Duel in the Desert” is no longer just a game of grit, guts, and glory, but rather ingenuity, inspiration, and influence.

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