Find Your Passion and Go For It!

It is hard to believe that I have been an attorney for over 22 years!  When I first started practicing I was often asked “why did you decide to become a lawyer?” It seems like years since I have been asked that question.  Maybe that is why I asked it of myself lately when reading two recent news stories.

The first story that captivated me was the case being litigated between the FBI and Apple over the FBI’s request to obtain information from the cell phones of the San Bernardino terrorists.  Most people can surely understand the need to get this important information for investigative and security purposes.  However, Apple is a very large and successful company that promises its clients the privacy of the information stored on their phones (I am simplifying here). The point that fascinates me is that there are two compelling arguments being made and both have merit. Therefore, the Court will eventually decide this issue.

The other case involves a sports entertainment personality, Erin Andrews, who sued her stalker and the Marriott Hotel for $75 million in damages allegedly caused by a revealing video the stalker took (he served time in prison) and posted online.  The video went viral.  Marriott argued that it was not responsible because the stalker committed the crime, and how were they to know what he would do. Andrews argued that Marriott was negligent in allowing the stalker to obtain information about the room she was staying in, which enabled him to create the video from the room next door.  Andrews won a jury verdict for $55 million (the jury found the stalker 51% liable and Marriott 49%).

When reading about these cases and the arguments being made, I answered my own question — “I love this legal stuff and always have.”  That is why I became a lawyer 22 years ago and why I am still going – it’s my Passion!

I hope that you also find your Passion, and when you do, go for it!

Written by Attorney Eddie A. Pantiliat,

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