Justice From Above

Sometimes, when you see someone do something wrong, even if not illegal, you know that the perpetrator will get away with his crime and you can only hope that perhaps a lightning strike or other G-dly punishment will restore balance to the world.  In this particular incident, justice was served from above, not by G-d, but by Southwest Airlines.

Passengers are boarded onto Southwest Airline flights in order of their assigned numbers. There are no assigned seats, so the earlier one boards, the better their chances to have a coveted aisle or window seat.

Mac Breedlove a teenager from Texas who was traveling with his lacrosse team decided to ignore his assigned boarding number and cut the line to board with some of his friends.  His dishonesty did not go unnoticed. Once all of the passengers were aboard and seated, an unsuspecting Breedlove was called to the front of the plane and asked to read an apology to his fellow passengers.

Once he saw the content of the message penned by his coach, he tried to quickly return to his seat, but the flight attendants made sure that he faced the cabin and read the entire message:

“My fellow travelers, today I address you with great remorse. During the boarding process I took advantage of this airline’s kindness. When some of my teammates were called to the front of the line, I was not, and yet I cut in line and took a seat that rightfully belonged to one of you good people. This is not how my coaches, teammates and parents expect me to behave. For all of this I apologize. I hope you will all find it in your hearts to forgive me because I am just a young man who thinks that I am smarter than I am. Enjoy your flight and remember – fly Southwest because they let my coaches do this to me.”

Justice served. To watch Mac read his speech, click here.

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