Life Lessons

Five years ago a distinguished gentleman knocked on our door at home.  He said that he worked for an orphanage in Israel and asked if he could speak to me about a possible donation.  My oldest son Ari was turning 13 at the time and it was his Bar Mitzvah week.  I invited the gentleman in and we spoke for a while about our families and his work at the orphanage.  After we concluded our meeting, I introduced him to our family.

He said that he was travelling by car and his next stop would be Los Angeles.  I gave him some fruit and water to take with him on his journey and he was very appreciative.   Every fall since that visit, the same distinguished gentleman comes by our home requesting a donation for the orphanage, and every year since that visit I have invited him in and we spend time talking about family and such.  Each time, before he leaves, I offer him fruit and water for his travel, which he always appreciates.

This past week he came by our home in the evening and I was unavailable to meet with him, so he came by again another night.  We met and talked as usual about the orphanage and family.  He then told me that when he came by the other night, our son, Ari was home and invited him in.  Ari then offered him fruit and water for his journey, which he accepted with gratitude. He told me how nice it was to see a son follow in his parents’ good deeds and offer him food and water.

As his Father, I was happy for Ari when he hit a game winning shot. I was proud of him when he came home with his report card. When I heard what he did for this Gentleman, I loved him more than before.

Written by Attorney Eddie A. Pantiliat,

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