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Internet Libel

Think you can post anything you want on the Internet or on social media? Well, think again! The internet is not a safe haven for offensive speech, particularly when it defames and harms the reputation of a business or an individual. Individuals often try to escape exposure for defamation and libel by shielding themselves with a cloak of anonymity the Internet seems to provide.

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Click and You’re Sued?

In today’s electronic world of websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., sharing one’s feelings with others is as easy as clicking a mouse or hitting “post” on a smart phone. The author can even remain anonymous if s/he chooses. But, what if the statements that are shared online aren’t true? Defamation – a false statement made to a third party about a public or private person – is no laughing matter.

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Avoiding Litigation

Spring has sprung! Each of us has our own way of greeting the season of rebirth. As one of the firm’s trial attorneys, I look at Spring as a way to measure my New Year’s resolutions to see if I am on track.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”)

Alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”). Those three words may sound great to people who have spent a lot of money in court litigation. But not all ADR proceedings are the same. Depending on the nature of the dispute, one particular method of ADR – arbitration may not be the best method to resolve a claim.

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