The United States was built on entrepreneurship and so was our firm. We represent business interests of all sizes and shapes including: individuals, corporations, limited liability or closely held companies, partnerships, nonprofit organizations, and professional practice groups. We work in many different industries, so we understand some of the unique challenges of your particular needs. […] Read More


Not only do we offer the best representation in transactions, we also have a top-notch team of skilled trial lawyers. We not only know our way to the courthouse, but we also know the best approach to win when we get there! We practice in the state, federal, and bankruptcy courts at both the trial […] Read More

Personal Injury

Have you been injured in an accident, by a product or worse, has a family member died in a wrongful death?  We have attorneys who are educated and experienced in representing both plaintiffs and defendants in matters where personal harm has come to you, a family member or friend.  Eddie Pantiliat focuses his area of […] Read More

Real Property Tax Lien

When people do not pay the real property taxes on their homes, vacant land and/or commercial buildings, Arizona law allows the county governments to lien the real property for the unpaid taxes — in effect placing a mortgage on the property for payment of the unpaid taxes. If those taxes are not paid for three years, the counties will auction off the tax lien to investors in the form of a tax lien certificate on real property.[…] Read More

Real Estate

Most of us have been in Arizona through both its explosive growth and down cycles.  We understand and can reduce the challenges of commercial and residential real estate issues, including title disputes, and simple transactions.  Irving Hymson has earned the special designation from the Arizona State Bar of Certified Real Estate Specialist. We work with: […] Read More


Bankruptcy can be a very difficult personal or business decision. Our attorneys have a complete understanding of all of the current bankruptcy laws and have assisted many people make the best decision regarding their financial situation. We can assist those in need of financial advice for business or personal affairs. We are knowledgeable in: Chapter […] Read More

Estate Planning / Asset Protection

We have many years of experience in counseling individuals and their families in how to plan and protect their assets and estates. We work with estates of varying sizes and complexities and are proficient assisting on very complicated and potentially volatile situations. Our attorneys are well versed in the following services: Revocable trusts […] Read More

Intellectual Property

In this “information age,” often the most important assets of a business are intangible…the logo that identifies the business, the slogan that sells it, the software that runs it, and the customer relationships that sustain it. Our attorneys can provide assistance and counsel regarding these assets, collectively known as “intellectual property.” We are experienced in […] Read More

Employment Law

Employment Law or Labor Law governs the relationship between employees, employers, trade unions and the government. In addition to discrimination and harassment in the workplace our labor law department has experience in matters relating to wages, safety, and health benefits and working conditions. […] Read More


Construction Law

Hymson Goldstein & Pantiliat, PLLC provides qualified and comprehensive representation to commercial property owners, residential homeowners and contractors in a wide variety of construction law matters. […] Read More

Arbitration and Mediation

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is an expeditious and cost-effective way to resolve disputes outside of the judicial system.  ADR provides benefits such as ease of resolution, time efficiency, and economic value. While lawsuits can take years to settle and incur significant legal fees that are often unrecoverable, ADR can provide a more effective way to resolve disputes. […] Read More


“Eddie Pantiliat and staff have been wonderful. They gave me the piece of mind to recover and not worry about the legalities of the accident. They were patient, understanding, and informative. They were quick to respond my questions, and guided me with their knowledge. I am very happy I chose Eddie Pantiliat to represent me.” To attorney Eddie Pantiliat from Mary B.


“You can bet that I will refer any of my friends (to you) who express an interest (in) finding a capable law firm. This entire issue was very difficult for me and my wife…Thanks again for the help I received from both you and your capable and professional staff.” To attorney John Lohr from Michael H.


“Thank you for your time and your advice. It was my pleasure to meet you and to… discuss my situation in a calm, non-intimidating fashion. You managed to put me at ease, explaining concepts in terms that I could easily understand. This has seldom been my experience with attorneys, and I am grateful. I find you to be a fine exception to the rule, and a credit to your profession!” To attorney Eddie Pantiliat from Pat K.


“Thanks for your response and all of your incredible efforts…I just wanted to let you know what a great job you are doing! You are a rare breed, as an attorney and as a person. (You) are definitely one of the good guys.” To attorney David Goldstein from Terry K.


I have used Eddie Pantilant twice now over the past few years, along with a hand full of my family members. We always refer someone his way if they do ask. He helped me in this past case get medical help as quick as possible while dealing with other issues which was a huge support. He is always straight forward and informative. He was able to take this case that I thought was going to end worse and make it a bit better by the end of it. He took extra steps to do what he could and I greatly appreciate that.To attorney Eddie Pantiliat from Samantha M.


“The [real estate] sale is indeed going through. This couldn't have happened in a timely or correct manner without the help of you and your excellent staff. Once again, you did a terrific job.” To attorney John Lohr from Andrew W.


“Eddie was very courteous and professional right from the start and even though he took over our case in mid stream, did a fantastic job. I would highly recommend him to anyone without hesitation. Also his assistant returned my questions with answers quicker than I would have expected.” To attorney Eddie Pantiliat from Darius C.

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