Small Business

Big is out – small is in.  Nationally and here at home, the sun has set on big business.  The heyday of the small, locally owned business has dawned.  Technology and social media gives smaller companies a worldwide market presence.  A company run by a small but dedicated team can respond and adapt at lightning speed to customer demands and market micro-trends, while giant corporations waste precious time on committee meetings, policies, and procedures.

Small companies walk a knife’s edge when it comes to legal matters:  many business owners are too busy “taking care of business” that they postpone tending to “housekeeping” tasks.  Big companies have teams of lawyers on staff or on call.  Those lawyers spend hours making sure the big company’s policies are airtight, and rewriting their contracts to protect the corporate bottom line.

But too often, small business owners wait until there’s a serious problem before calling for legal help.  Maybe they don’t want to “waste time” having an attorney involved.  For example, most small businesses don’t have an employee handbook.  What happens when a disgruntled employee sours morale on the team?  Or what about that merchant account agreement, and other legally-binding documents you signed – just so you could “get the job done” and get on with the business of doing business .  What happens when the credit card processing machine is stolen?  Will you personally be on the hook for unauthorized chargebacks?  Do you know?   Shouldn’t you?

For nearly 25 years, we’ve offered Arizona businesses a one stop shop for their legal needs.   We are also a small business; we understand every business owner’s concern for efficiency and cost-saving.  As the New Year unfolds, make it a priority to get your company’s legal affairs in order.  You might be surprised at how much exposure, time and money you can save by having legal counsel…before things goes wrong.



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