Stop Sucking and Live a Life of Abundance

Uncharacteristically unable to sleep one very early weekend morning, I decided to grab a book and sit outside to read in the cool and quiet. While reading the book The Last Lecture, a quick and inspirational read, it referenced the website Stop Sucking and Live a Life of Abundance. Unwilling to abandon the morning calm, I took my laptop outside and followed the link. I am glad I did.

No one needs a reminder that these are troubled times; times in flux replete with uncertainty, damaged dreams and hopes but also the opportunity to reinvent oneself, even if reluctantly. The site defines “sucking” as the discrepancy between the life you have and the life that you want. This is a subjective determination not objective or a judgment by others. It requires one to ask of oneself: “As of right now, has my life turned out the way I wanted it to?” Have I just stumbled into the life that I have? We go to school, get a job, and do what we think we’re supposed to do. Am I happy with my life or have I just stumbled into it?

We live in a world where it’s really easy to be average, but really hard to be above average. Hard doesn’t mean not achievable or not worthwhile. Nothing is more important than having the life you want. Nothing! We don’t have to blindly accept the default life we stumbled into or the life forced on us by macro circumstances beyond our supposed control. We have the power to change, but we need to decide what we want and consciously pursue it. Only then can we stop sucking and live a life of abundance.

We don’t need to accept scarcity, thinking that the world’s resources are too limited for us to have what we want. We can work towards a life of abundance: abundance of time, money, health, happiness, excitement, self-respect, sense of purpose, etc.

The site contains elements to help you begin to start thinking about change. At our firm, we deal with change all of the time for ourselves and our clients. Our clients start, buy, sell businesses, make investments for their future, change the principal players in their lives, regroup, consolidate, expand and ‘pay it forward’. We are pleased to be thought of as a resource. Our Business Is Your Peace of Mind®. In the context of the above discussion, nothing is more important than knowing for sure what you’re supposed to do with your life. If you get this one thing right, then almost everything else naturally falls into place. Let us know how we can help.

Written by Attorney Irving Hymson,

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