“Thank you so much for all your help and expertise. You went the extra mile on our behalf. We are grateful to have found a law firm in which we have confidence. John, you are amazing. We will be sure to send friends and family your way for any legal needs.” To attorney John Lohr from Donald C.

“Eddie your professionalism and support was greatly appreciated through the year long process for my personal injury claim. Maura was beyond helpful in the process. I am extremely pleased with the outcome and thank you both for all the work you did to handle my claim. A great lawyer, who you know you can trust, is hard to find. I have found one in you.” To attorney Eddie Pantiliat from Juliet R.

“Thanks for your response and all of your incredible efforts…I just wanted to let you know what a great job you are doing! You are a rare breed, as an attorney and as a person. (You) are definitely one of the good guys.” To attorney David Goldstein from Terry K.

“[We] have the utmost confidence in you and cannot express our gratitude enough. . . we appreciate your help.” To attorney Lori Brown from client Kate W.

“John you are truly the best. You made both my husband & myself regain trust in attorneys. My husband noticed your Batman belt buckle immediately the day we met you. You got to work immediately. In no time you called with the best and most unbelievable news anyone in my mother’s situation could be in. So we don’t call you the attorney/lawyer nor Mr. Lohr…as corny as it may sound we call you ‘Batman.’ Thank you!” To attorney John Lohr from Yolanda M.

“(Your) professionalism and support sustained me through the primarily two-year post-incident process to resolve the (lawsuit). We ultimately mediated the case to my satisfaction. I would never have received any reparation had I not had (your) great support. Many thanks for your hard work on my behalf. To attorney Eddie Pantiliat from Kathy W.

“There is a sense about you. I don’t think our working together was happenstance. I feel blessed. You are a kind, genuine, and impactful person, Irving. Thank you for impacting my life.” To attorney Irving Hymson from Ann G.

“…I saw that you stuck to supporting the significant legal points instead of getting drawn into [opposing counsel’s] quagmire of nonsense… Thank you for your work on (my) case. I am glad I have you as my lawyer.” To attorney John Lohr from Peggy A.

“Thank you for your time and your advice. It was my pleasure to meet you and to… discuss my situation in a calm, non-intimidating fashion. You managed to put me at ease, explaining concepts in terms that I could easily understand. This has seldom been my experience with attorneys, and I am grateful. I find you to be a fine exception to the rule, and a credit to your profession!” To attorney Eddie Pantiliat from Pat K.

“A number of years ago you guided me through a bankruptcy. . . You did a great job and I really appreciated the professionalism of you and your firm . . . thanks for helping me through a very difficult time.” To attorney David Goldstein from Ron L.

“I am so pleased with the professionalism of your practice. You returned a call to me on a Saturday afternoon and followed up with an email to (your colleague) for a consultation. (Your staff) was very friendly, helpful and courteous. John Lohr moved quickly, was a professional to work with, and kept explanations simple for me. Thank you for referring me to him and for (taking) the time out of your busy schedule to follow up. I will keep you in my trusted referrals for my clients, friends and acquaintances.” To attorney Irving Hymson from Nancy F.

“Thank you for all that you did – I am very happy that we chose your law firm and that (our) goals were achieved.” To attorney Lori Brown from Jay M.

“The client service and legal [advice] that I received was above and beyond what I expected. . . I hired Mr. Brookshire to execute a contract and what I received was in-depth analysis along with advice from an attorney that is knowledgeable and has the upmost integrity that puts his clients’ interests first. (Mr. Brookshire) will be part of my team for future business transaction[s], and I have many business contacts (that) I have recommended your firm to. To attorney Dennis Brookshire from Cathleen H.

“You can bet that I will refer any of my friends (to you) who express an interest (in) finding a capable law firm. This entire issue was very difficult for me and my wife…Thanks again for the help I received from both you and your capable and professional staff.” To attorney John Lohr from Michael H.

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