Where were you? Remembering 9/11

September 11, 2011 has become the, “where were you,” moment of the generation. Older generations can remember watching Neil Armstrong become the first man to walk on the moon and where they were when they heard President Kennedy had been assassinated. Indescribable emotions forever etch those life-changing moments in our hearts and minds. Yesterday Google displayed a black ribbon graphic, most of us had to stop and think for a moment, before remembering that – tomorrow is 9/11.

While in some ways eleven years feel like a lifetime ago, the memories of that day are as fresh as yesterday. The confusion, the shock, the horror of so many lives lost so quickly. There was a need to reach out to others – to close friends and family and complete strangers with equal eagerness. There was fear in the air and eventually a deep pride as our country united to honor our heroes and mourn those that were lost.

And so the question – where were you on 9/11? Regardless if you were in New York or here in Arizona, we were all scared, shocked, traumatized, but blessed to be alive. For most of us September 11, 2012 will be a time to remember the innocent lives lost, a time to honor the heroes that risked their lives that day and those that continue to protect fellow Americans every day. It will be a time to recall where we were 11 years ago when those towers fell and where we could have been – and a time to be grateful for what we have.

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